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Master Problem Solving As Software Engineer Using LeetCode


Hi my friends and welcome to new article about how to improve your problem solving Skills As Software Engineer. No one can deny that problem solving skill is very crucial for any software engineer because our main job is to solve problem through developing mobile,Web or Desktop application. Also if you plan to work in high Tech Company like Google, Amazon, Facebook,…etc you should be have strong skill in Problem solving in DataStructures and Algorithms.The question now is how can I improve my problem solving in DataStructure and Algorithms?

 Improve your Problem Solving skill

To improve your problem solving skill in data structures and algorithms you should master two  things

  • Knowledge : you should build sufficient background in data structure and algorithms through watching youtube videos , reading books or take online courses about that.The key point here is to get the base knowledge for each data structure for example Array and to know how to build this structure by your self and how can you use it from the top level perspective
  • Practice : You should practice a lot for example I highly recommend LeetCode Website because it has a lot of good questions to improve your problem solving skills and also have gradual levels of difficulty from easy, medium and hard also it is a good source to crack the code interview for big companies like   Google, Amazon, Facebook,…etc.

Why Data Structures and Algorithms

According to what I said previously that our goal is to solve some problem and change life for some one or make huge impact for the humanity through amazing Applications for example Uber, Facebook, Google search,…etc. Take a moment and ask your self why I use these apps, ok let me give you my personal answer for instance I love Google Search because it helps me to gain a huge knowledge and it has smooth and good experience and I love Uber because it helps me to reach for any place with comfort and good price for example and the performance of the app is good also I love Facebook because it keeps me updated with new feed for my friends and comics and stuff like that.Now what is the relation between this and data structure and algorithms?

Well, Do you think the performance of these apps is very good? I guess you agree!

this because these apps are built using good choice for algorithms and their data structures with good architecture and system design so If you want to build very high quality apps you should invest time and effort in learning how to improve this skill. I suppose that you are interested in learning and developing this skill so I will make series on youtube and also blog posts for problem solving using leet code Website so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube Channel and subscribe on my newsletter in blog to keep you updated.


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